Ever look for something, give up on it entirely only to find it later? It happened to me just recently.

When the kids were growing up, we lived way out, at the edge of a state park. Whenever they had choir/swimming/ballet/lacrosse/football/baseball/girl scouts/boy scouts/youth group/whatever, it was too far to drop them off for practice and then go back to pick them up. And so I’d take a book to read, and some needlework to work on and wait till they were finished.

With 4 kids of different ages and interests, I managed to get in a lot of time for reading and for working on projects. One of the projects I did during that time was a crewel piece which I intended to frame. But then we were moving and I carefully rolled up my project around a tube and packed it intending to finish and display it in our new home. It was the last time I saw it.

Some of our boxes sat in storage for over a year till we bought a new house. Then what we didn’t need right away was stored in the attic and the boxes opened one by one as we had time. I looked for my piece, couldn’t find it, kept thinking I’d missed it. Then eventually decided we’d lost a box somehow.

17 years later we are moving again and while checking an attic cubbyhole after pulling out some boxes, I noticed the spot where the sloping ceiling meets the floor looked odd. I used a curtain rod to reach in and tap it and felt something soft.. pried it out and out popped tubes with projects rolled around them. My missing project was there along with a few others I’d forgotten about, a little dusty but considering they weren’t protected at all, not bad.

What a nice surprise! I’m framing one for our new home and gifting the others.