As requested, here are some photos and notes on weekend events at Mt Saviour Monastery..

The weekend weather was warm but not unbearably so. Quite a few people came to help the brothers for the weekend event.

Herding the sheep involved the brothers, many helpers of all ages, a tractor, a 4 wheeler, donkeys, llama, and of course the sheep! Convincing 200 or so sheep and their lambs that they need to head in the direction we want them to so that they can be confined is not an easy thing to do. When I left there were still a few stragglers. I don’t know that I was very helpful but I did get to take a few photos.

Saturday I arrived at the monastery just a little before the shearer and his crew. Three guild members arrived a short while later and we set up our spinning wheels for spinning demos. I spent most of day skirting fleeces with several others. We took a break at noon for Sext and then lunch. The shearers worked so quickly and efficiently that the sheep were all done by None at 3 pm!

Kids heading out on the tractor.
Guard donkey.
Main flock coming in.
Poodle with the ewes. She is the ring leader when it comes to breaking out so she was moved to her own pen.
Holding area.
One of the shearing working quickly.
A donkey being lead back to his pasture. Something about this photo I really like.