While visiting my friend Maureen, she gifted me with an old Bible. She knows I love old books and thought I would like to have this one even though the cover has separated from the rest of the book.

It is a large, family type Bible, dated 1878. While the outside is very worn and in need of repair, the inside is in wonderful condition, except for some missing first pages… I suspect the ones containing a family tree and history.

The artwork alone is amazing, the photos of a colored page shows pristine colors, no sign of fading. So far, carefully looking through the pages, I’ve found some notes, newspaper clippings and a Sunday School Picture lesson paper. It was for a November lesson and has a bit on Turkey-talk. In 1883, it cost 25 cents for a years worth of these lessons, including postage.

I’d like to explore this further but what do to about preventing it from falling it apart and maybe attaching the cover somehow? Any suggestions?