My friend Trish lives about an hour away and lately the only time we get to spend time together is at guild meetings, when she can come and where there is so much other stuff going on. She had a day off from teaching yesterday and so we planned for her to come for the day, a few friends who also haven’t seen her in a while joined us.

We had cherry and strawberry turnovers and coffee mid morning. Lunch was black bean and sweet potato enchiladas w/ rice, salad and homemade brownies.

Along with good things to eat, my friends brought their wheels and projects. We each use a different type of wheel, the window seat area you see was once part of my dining room, a room we rarely used, preferring to work and gather in the kitchen. When we redid the kitchen, I convinced Ruben to knock down the wall between the rooms and worked out a plan so that I would have a place where at least 6 visitors with spinning wheels would fit. I added the window seat so there would always be plenty of places for friends and family to gather and play.

You can see Rosie spinning on her wheel.. she is 14 years old and a gifted musician. She has been spinning for about 2 years now and earned the money for her wheel by playing her fiddle at festivals. Rose just soaks up everything we teach her.. If you look closely you can see how fast her bobbin is spinning and how fine her yarn is.

Trish’s Journey Wheel was the most interesting of the wheels.. when not in use, it folds up like a box and with the attached straps can be easily carried. I have one of those on my wish list… someday…

It was a good day… I feel blessed to have like minded friends that I can spend time with. I think of them as members of my ‘tribe’.

I slept for 8 hours last night instead of my usual 5 – 6.