I picked up my 4 harness loom today. My first project on it will be done with a natural color yarn. But, I’m thinking ahead to some future weaving projects and thought I’d use some natural dyed yarn for it. I have some I’ve dyed with daylilies, hardy hibiscus, walnuts and a few other things that grow in my garden… Now I’m ready to try dyeing using the skins and pits of avocados I’ve been saving for more than a year. I diced them up to about pea size and dried them. I now have a big pickle jar full of pits and another full of the skins.

I’m looking to get reds. I’ve found a few links but if anyone has tried this and has any tips or links for me… I’d appreciate it. One thing I’m wondering is if it has a strong odor. I can do my walnut dyeing indoors just fine.. but not sure about the avocado dyeing since it has to steep for a longer period… So… my first question would be … can I do this indoors… or do I need to save it for when it is warm enough to work outdoors?