Wow! Has it really been 5 months since I updated my blog? I logged in today to change a setting and was surprised to see the last update was in August right after returning from a retreat at the Omega institute. Now here I am again, just having returned from a retreat.
In the 5 months that I’ve been silent, that is pretty much what I’ve been doing… learning to be silent more often… and also learning to live more simply. I worked in the garden on nice days, worked on setting up the garden studio on those not so nice days. I’ll post photos of the studio in my next update. Family events and guild obligations have kept me busy but a good deal of my time has been devoted to taking care of myself, physically, spiritually. And I’ve started writing… Palm Of The Hand stories… I am enjoying working on these and sharing them with friends and family.

And so … I arrived at Mt Saviour on Friday to find a packet for Eva. And even though I wore a name tag with my name written correctly, at least 6 people over the weekend called me Eva. Eva is Eve in Spanish so it isn’t wrong … just thought it was interesting because that has happened a lot in the last few months. So, feel free to call me Eva if you like it better then Eve, or Evie, or Evelina or Evelyn… everyone is confused anyway… *G* I answer to them all.

My hope for the weekend was to be able to Breathe. To attend some of the very early and very late services that I hadn’t been to and to have some quiet time, look for some answers. I did all that and more.

The retreat theme was Transitions and discussion on this topic was presented well. We were served great food and wine. The organizers did a fantastic job of putting it all together.

On Saturday the sun shone brightly and temps turned mild for this time of year. Several of us went on a very long walk and didn’t notice the miles up and down hills as we talked. The next day we did feel that walk!

On Sunday the Brothers had lunch with us. It was very enjoyable. I made some new friends and was able to spend time with some older friends that mean a lot to me.

I feel Blessed…

Photo note… I took my camera with me but forgot to take some photos. The photos you see were from previous visits. If you visit the Mt Saviour Monastery website, you can see lots of photos of the grounds and farm. There is also a video clip that can be viewed for a little glimpse of monastic life.