I woke up with a start at 5am and then realized… something is under the bed. I got up to discover that our dog Krystal was hiding under there. July has been so far, a month of booming sounds, fireworks and lots of thunderstorms. These sounds that didn’t bother her much as a young dog, now at the age of 10 years, turn her into a nervous wreck. Apparently we, weekend warriors that we are, slept right through a bad storm. Krystal is not one to jump onto a bed, so she managed to crawl in between 4 containers full of winter clothing and then found herself trapped in the morning. What a gal.

I have been busy with garden work and natural dyeing using plants from my garden. It generally takes me at least an hour each day to pick the dyestuff from the garden as it is ready and put it to soak, at least another hour to rinse out fiber or yarn from the previous day’s dyepot and to set up a new batch of yarn of fiber, ready for dyeing. I’m mostly solar dyeing and using my crockpot so that I can do other things and not have to watch a pot..

However, I do have to watch little dogs… Krystal’s half sister, Tara is very different from her sister. Sweeter in many ways, but while Krystal does not care if anyone catches her doing something she shouldn’t, Tara is sneaky… See that innocent face in the one photos… another shows a sand/water box. Every chance she gets, she tries to snatch the tray of toys on top of that box. If she gets one, the toy becomes a dog chewy. She also loves yarn, fiber, plants… you name it..

Krystal (Fine Krystal) age 10 is shown in a photo when her coat was longer.
Tara (Diamond Solitaire) age 9 is shown in her puppy trim…..

I’m taking photos of dye projects as I do them.. will have some up in my next post….