A friend invited me to a concert, we went yesterday. I knew it would be held in a historical church The Park Church, and I thought it would be like many other church concerts I’ve attended, watching and listening to music being performed.

 I was right about the listening part, but not the watching part. After a very brief introduction by the pastor, we listened to MUSIC for ORGAN/VIOLIN for OUR JOURNEY through LENT (Music for Meditation and Reflection). What a unique experience! Not being able to see the musicians on the balcony behind us allowed us to just close our eyes and listen to the wonderful music, meditate.

Music played:

 – The Eight Station (from “Stations of the Cross) for Organ – Macel Dupre – (Jesus Comforts the Daughters of Jerusalem

– Kol Nidrei (Hebrew Chant for Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement – Max Bruch

– Hymn Prelude on Stabat Mater” – arr. By Alan Viner – Largo (from Xerxes – G.F.Handel – Gammal Fabodpsalm Fran Dalarna (Swedish)

– Oskar Lindberg – An Old tune from Dalecarlia

 Afterwards there was a luncheon where we met some of the church members and visitors and learned a little about the church itself. I’m sure I’ll be back in the future.