FOR TODAY (February 9th, 2009)…

Outside my window.

Sunny, mild, a beautiful winter day. Snow is slowly melting. Jacket weather.

I am thinking

How much I enjoyed going to Monday knitting at the book store. I rarely go on Mondays, but I’m glad I did today. We chatted a lot over coffee, browsed through books, worked on our projects and even helped a regular customer there with their crossword puzzle.


I am thankful for



For all the creative and talented people in our guild. We had 5 new people come to visit, 3 joined. We seemed to be attracting quite a few young adults who are really absorbing everything we teach them and who will in turn teach the next generation.

That Mizz Krystal has decided that she really does know who the other dog here is despite the really very short hair cut and that she will stop trying to beat up the strange dog. How can a dog live with another dog for more than 9 years and not know it is the same dog even if it looks a little different? Or is this just her way of telling us that she thinks he has a stupid haircut? Never a dull moment with my dogs.


From the kitchen



I just finished having some white rice, stewed meat and sweet plantains. Yum!

I am wearing

Browns… Everyone who knows me knows that I love color. So I got more than a few comments today about my chocolate brown pants, same colored sweater…. And my jacket just happened to be a dark brown suede… it wasn’t planned, just what I grabbed, interesting cause some seemed to think I was feeling down when I wasn’t. *G*


I am creating



Simply Divine Shoddy Yarn (or would that be shotty?) Of course people think it means something of poor quality, but a very experienced weaver in our guild informs me that my use of weaving thrums to make new yarn is considered an old shoddy technique , the word shoddy meaning ‘recycled’ or ‘reused’. Yesterday I received weaving thrums from Bro. Pierre’s weavings and I have them all sorted out by colors and ready to chop up and mix with fiber and card into new batts.

I’m also still working on my sweater… back and front is done, one of the front bands is done. I’m moving on to the buttonhole side band, collar and then sleeves.


I am going



Maybe to the library and if I have time, to the monastery to pick up some jelly and granola, browse through the gift shop.


I am reading



Because Denise and so many others recommended it, today I picked up The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski.

Still reading… Sabbath… Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest by Wayne Muller. I’m reading only a little bit at a time so that I can study each section and Exercise before moving on to the next.


I am hoping (praying)



That the twinges I’m feeling in my jaw is not the return of a jaw bone problem from a couple of years ago.

That the nice weather holds out.


I am hearing



Child playing upstairs, dog snoring in the doggy bed.


Around the house



Signs that winter is leading into spring… jackets and rain shoes, lighter gear now in the mudroom along with the heavier winter outerwear.


One of my favorite things



Time with the ’gals’ over coffee and knitting.


A few plans for the rest of the week



Studio work

Bake cupcakes for Valentines Day

Work on this month’s guild newsletter.

Prepare for the Women in Arts exhibit in March


A picture thought to share:




New leather bound (red of course!) artist sketch pad with a spot for pencils and sharpener… I opened it shortly after brining it home today to find that my granddaughter had already used it, leaving me a drawing and a message.  *G* We both like that each pencil has a word printed on it … such as …depth, create, indulge, believe, love, spirit, vision, inspire, explore, wisdom, dream, passion…  On the pad cover are the words..imagine, invent, inspire create, imagine, motivate, dream, compose, remember…


To read more about The Simple Woman’s Day Book, visit her blog.