FOR TODAY (January 26th, 2009)…

Outside my window.

Very cold, has been teeth chattering cold all day.

I am thinking

what to do with the ashes of two of my pets. We still have Dafni’s ashes and today we picked up Yogi’s ashes. Hers came to us in a sort of treasure chest, but his came in a box with a Himalayan type design, very fitting for this breed.

I am thankful for

A caring Vet … and for friends who have shared their thoughts and hugs with us.

From the kitchen

It was mostly leftovers today, healthy eating.

I am wearing

Thick navy blue fleece pants, long sleeve orange/red cotton tee, green thick hand knit sweater. Bright red socks. Nothing matches, but I’m warm.

I am creating

A sweater, knit in one piece using wine colored yarn I spun last year. I spun the yarn too thin for a heavy sweater, finally came up with something that would work for a warm but light weight sweater. The yarn is wool/alpaca and so it will should be warm without being bulky. Being only a little over 5 ft tall, I find lighter weight, finer knit garments more comfortable than heavy one, but they sure do take a bit longer to make.

I am going

I ran out today just long enough to run to the library, now I am going nowhere.

I am reading

Sabbath… Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest by Wayne Muller. A friend has been reading this book and recommended it. I put a hold on it at the library and have just started it.

I am hoping

That we don’t get all the snow that is predicted for this area in the next two days.

I am hearing

House is quiet, everyone working on their own things in other rooms.

Around the house

Some decluttering going on. Some items will go to the pet shelter, some to the thrift shop, some for recycling, etc…

One of my favorite things

A necklace that I have worn for more than 13 years, a cross with little diamonds and a ruby. It was one of the last gifts from Mom before she went to be with her Jehovah.

A few plans for the rest of the week

work on items for a March art exhibit, get things banner and needle felting supplies ready for Saturday’s guild meeting.


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