Outside my window… It is very sunny, cold.  Bird feeders are empty, need filling.


I am thinking.… about a Vet appointment this afternoon for one of our dogs. He is 13 and has lived 13 years longer than anyone ever expected him to, but now he is suffering. If his pain can’t be eased, we will let him go.

I am thankful for… a Vet that understands that we are trying to do what is best for our dog. And for friends that are dog lovers, because only a dog lover understands how hard it is to know when the time is right to let them go.

From the kitchen… Coffee that I shared with a friend who stopped by to sit and spin a while with me.

I am wearing… Corduroy pants and a hand knit wool sweater.

I am creating… Spinning a blend of wool, alpaca and silk that I put together last year. I want to make a sweater with the yarn.

I am going… Vet’s office.

I am reading… Not much book reading going on, I’ve been leafing through magazines, sorting out ones to get rid of or to use for mixed media work. As I go through the magazines I’m reading some of the articles. Many are on gardening and birds and a nice read on a winter day.

I am hoping… That the Vet can help ease Yogi’s pain, one way or another.

I am hearing… Nothing, the house is eerily quiet. .
Around the house… Books, knitting and dogs around me… all good things.

A few plans for the rest of the week… visit a friend who is home from the hospital. Get some studio work done.

A picture thought to share: One of many heart shaped animal tracks found in our yard


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