I like snow and I like cool weather.  I do not like this teeth chattering, unseasonable frigid weather. 

My little snow mountain dogs, aging and pampered have decided that they don’t care for this either. After all, how can you play in the snow when your paws stick to everything?  So, instead they are choosing to sleep away the day, rising only to see if I was willing to share my toast with orange marmalade I picked up at the monastery… All except for 13 year old Yogi who started showing signs of increased pain yesterday… sigh.  We upped his pain medication and have been carrying him up and down stairs and we will see how the weekend goes. Hopefully a return to normal temps will help ease his arthritis.

Mt Saviour Monastery is holding their knitting retreat this weekend, what a time for people to visit here from out of town! I hope they are all keeping warm.  I hope to meet some of them when I go to sunday service tomorrow and visit with them a bit. I just finished knitting a ski/head band using wool from one of the monastery sheep name Poodle, I’m donating the head band to the monastery for their use or to sell in the gift shop and so I’ll take it with me to show the knitters the difference between the millspun yarn like that sold at the monastery from their own sheep and handspun yarn.

Plans for today… hide indoors, work on stranded knitting, maybe some studio work, keep Yogi company.