Our official party girl Krystal wants to wish you all a Happy New Year. Although, now that I think about it, I guess if she were to say this in the language of her ancestors not ours… It would be in Tibetan.


 Some have seen this photo of Krystal before, but I like it very much and so I’m using it again… Hard to believe that she was still quite the puppy in the photo and now a senior dog. Still, she is as bold and zippy as always and if she were a human would have stayed up all night and greeted the New Year dancing, unlike her owners who chose not to go out on such a blustery night and then being grouchy in the morning becauses she was tired… like in the photo.

No special New Years resolutions here, same wants, wishes and goals as always. Although I do use New Years Day to sort of let go of what isn’t working and move to a better way or just let go of it altogether, not carry baggage into a New Year.

One thing we did last night was watch a movie titled The Bucket List. Although the circumstances are different, the movie reminded me of my ‘writing with a purpose project’ Wishes. I started the project as a way to help my granddaughter with her reading, writing and creativeness and as a way to focus on things I‘d like to experience. With projects like this she has moved up 2 reading levels since Summer, now actually just a little ahead of her class. And we are doing some mixed media work to go with each wish, using things related to our wishes, that taps into her natural talents. We are still collecting things and will be starting our pieces soon… new project for the new year.

Anyway, I searched online to see if by any chance anyone was doing bucket lists (as in things to do before I kick the bucket) and instead found some movie trailers and some info about The Bucket List on Wikipedia. If you scroll down towards the bottom you will see what the movie title is in other languages.

Spanish was my first language and so for me it is Ahora O Nunca (now or never) or Antes De Partir (before we go). I can’t decide which I like best and may replace my wish title with one of those…. Hmmmm

Speaking of wish lists… Last night (or was it this morning?) I dreamt of Holidays past, visiting my grandparents and my birthplace, going door to door, singing and dancing all night in the mild Caribbean breeze… I woke up deciding that I would add that to my wish list… Welcome a New Year on the island.