I love our local library…    Where else can you go to bring home lots of interesting books and also attend special programs? 

Yesterday Jess and I went to the library for a Holiday around the world program and to bring home more stacks of books.  I wondered why they didn’t call it Christmas around the world, but when I got there and saw a table with Hanukkah exhibit, another with Kwanzaa,  another with Boxing Day and so on, I thought the name was appropriate. 

At each table, the children got to listen to stories about the specific traditions associated with each holiday, they got to make some things, and taste some things.  

It was so busy that I couldn’t get any photos of the tables…   but I did get this..

recycled coats art piece

recycled coats art piece

While waiting to go into the auditorium, we watched some people playing Chess with giant size pieces the size of a small child.   Then we looked at the displayed cases with needlework pieces.  Then this display caught my eye.  The description said it was done by a couple using fabric from donated coats that were too worn to be reused by someone… what a great way to recycle clothing… art!   The photo is very dark and blurry… took it will my cell phone and trying to make it lighter just made it strange…