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and a teaser….

While I have posted very few things on my studio blog lately,  it is mainly because I’ve had little time for photos and descriptions.    And with Christmas and Rock Day so close I still don’t have a lot of time for getting photo colors just right… I may just wait till after Rock Day to work on it… 

I did take a quick photo this morning of just a few of my many batches of silk top available, some dyed using natural dyes this summer.  Here are  4 different batches of silk top that can be used for spinning, blending or other silk work.   One of the solid colors was done with a walnut dye, it is absolutely yummy! The sage green ( color is off in the photo) was done with my purple and black daylilies.   The other two were done with commercial dyes.    Using my plants for the natural colors was a lot of fun…

Simply Divine Silk Top

Simply Divine Silk Top