I saw this on another blog and thought that someone read my mind. The things we love were so similar that I could have just posted what she wrote without changing a thing, but I didn’t.

7  Things I love:

* My family… 2 legged and 4 legged… who know me well … and love me … quirks and all.  And the grandchildren who let me see things through a child’s eyes.

*My home… where friends and family gather comfortably. No matter where it is, big or small, it is unique and much more than just a home.

* Quiet time in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea, watching the sunrise, reading or strolling through the garden while the dew is still on the flowers… with Him who loves me most.

* Curling up in a comfortable chair … with a good book … no where I need to be.

* A winter day with big fat snowflakes slowly falling gently ….  snowman making weather …

* Being creative …. trying something  new… a recipe … a new craft … new flowers in the garden … and sharing with others.

* Living simply … doing more with less … finding the little treasures in life.