Outside my window… It is very grey and blustery… feels like January … brrrrrrrr!

I am thinking.… About a son whose Birthday is today…

I am thankful for… a warm house. I did my 2+ miles this morning on my elliptical trainer, just too cold for walking or jogging outdoors…

From the kitchen… Hot pizza! With lots of cheese…

I am wearing… Thin layers of clothing, hand knit wool sweater, hand knit wool socks.

I am creating… Fiber batts for spinning and felting. Also working on personal notes to tuck into Christmas cards.

I am going… Nowhere, it is a good day to stay home and catch up on reading, spinning, knitting.

I am reading… Lots of things, mainly articles in magazines, online, doing a bit of research on several topics.

I am hoping… To hear good news about several family members.

I am hearing… Dogs barking… Our littlest Lhasa, Star likes to exercise her lungs as well as her legs when she is let out. Why is it that the littlest ones are so often the ones that run the show? Silly girl.

Around the house… Granddaughter Jessica says we are beginning to look like a library with the bathroom and laundry room being the only rooms with no books. Can one ever have too many books?

One of my favorite things… Someone gave us a collection of booklets of old paper dolls, uncut. Some are actually paper teddy bears. I remember playing with these types of dolls as a young girl. When I flipped the booklets over to see how old they were, I found the author/artist at the time lived less than 2 miles from us. I hope we can find out more about the person who created them.

A few plans for the rest of the week: sort out a yarn order that arrived today, finish my brother’s throw, start the guild newsletter for December, play with the drum carder, visit the museum in Corning…

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


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