I’d planned to update this blog yesterday, but a pc problem prevented me from doing so.   Aren’t computers fun? 

Saturday the Benjamin Patterson Inn Museum in Corning held a George Washington’s Birthday Event.  Several of the guild members participated in the spinning and hearth cooking demos (I’ll be adding a couple of photos and more info to the guild blog).  I’ve been to the Inn quite a few times and hadn’t planned to go until I heard they had a special lace exhibit on. I went to see and I wasn’t disappointed.  I picked up a little brochure which gives a lot of info about the Italian community and crochet lacework before ‘The Flood’.  I seem to have misplaced it, hopefully it is in the car and not lost.   When I find the brochure or get more info, I’ll post it. 

And Sunday, hubby and I celebrated a wedding anniversary!