Gizzy & Krystal…snow dogs.. Gizzy (left) with Krystal

Gizzy (aka Mama’s Boy) will be 10 years old on April 6th.  This is the age when most dogs retire from pet assisted therapy. Sometimes however, if they are in really good health and really enjoy the visits, they will continue a little longer.  

Giz has suddenly started to have some issues… a little dry eye and now for the first time eye and ear infections.  He also has a little mass on the lid of his right eye…. sigh…     We went to the Vet Clinic where he had a general exam, cornea stain, tear test, and a few other things.  We are treating the infections and once he is well, we will look at the eyelid again, have the mass removed and determine what it is.  

We can then evaluate him to see if he can continue to do therapy work.

His grandmother Lila continued her visits to the nursing home on a regular basis till she was 12 and then occasionally after that until she was 14 years old and starting to lose her sight and hearing.    She started her pet visits at 10 weeks of age by going to work with me daily and then later on  as a volunteer.    Gizzy started at 8 weeks by tagging along with her on her visits.   Hopefully he will be able to continue visiting his ‘folks’ for as long as she did.