Rock Day, Saturday at the guild went well (will post more about that on the guild blog later on)  considering that the guild is only 2 months old. 

Sunday I was feeling a bit under the weather.

Monday’s appointment at the dentist didn’t go as well as expected, I’ll have to go back to be refitted for a crown.   It was a warm day but since I’d been summoned to jury duty the rest of the week I caught up on indoors chores.  Later that evening I called the court house to find out that I didn’t have to report for jury duty.  Yay!   We were expecting record breaking temps again on Tuesday and Wednesday and I’d have 4 whole free days to myself with nothing scheduled.   Top of my list was to bathe a dog or two and since there was no snow left in the yard, get in some yard work, go for long walks each day, let the dogs romp outdoors all day while I worked etc.

Tuesday…  we got into the high 60’s.   Unfortunately I was  feeling cruddy.    The closest thing to a dog getting bathed and outdoor work getting done was working on a couple of pounds of wool from Poodle, a monastery sheep.  I was able to soak, wash and dry it outdoors in the sun.  That little bit of work did me in.

Here is Poodle drying on the patio table.  Notice how green our grass is for January, normally it is buried under snow.

Here are sample skeins from monastery sheep.  Top to bottom Scottish Black-face,  BFL (Poodle), Grey-face (Scottish mule?)  Although the wool comes from uncoated sheep who forage, I think working to remove all the vm (vegetable) matter is worth it.    

Today, Wednesday is one of those days where if you don’t like the weather just wait a few minutes and it will change.   We have lots of rain, then sun, then rain, then windy, calm, thunder and so on.   It is very mild for January, feels like spring!

I snapped the photo of a double rainbow I noticed while letting the dog out.  How unusual to see a rainbow in January.  When I took the photo, the sun was shining through the clouds in some areas, but it was also raining and the wind tried to rip the door out of my hands…

Cough…  I’m off to have some hot tea with honey…