I live on a street that is two blocks long.  At one end of this street is a cemetery, at the other a river.  The river seems to be home to many birds and resting places for other, and so I always look to see what is on the little islands out there or flying around and to watch people enjoying the river.

Sometimes I see hundreds of seagulls, Canadian Geese, ducks and the usual birds that can be seen on a daily basis.  Other days I see Blue Herons, Storks, a variety of Hawks and other prey birds…  and so on.

Recently, as I was crossing the bridge on the way to the Monastery,  a very large flock of Canadian Geese caught my eye.  We always have them around so I wouldn’t have paid much attention to them if not for the fact that I’d already noticed another very large flock of Geese headed right towards them.   At the stop light I looked up just in time to see the two flocks fly right into each other.   For a moment it looked like some had collided with others, but after much flapping, honking and swirling around, they were all still flying, only now they were scattered in every direction.  I watched for as long as I could, the  Geese going one way and then turning to go another and then turning again….

It occurred to me that this was how 2007 was for me.  I’d be going in one direction and then a bump in the road or some unexpected event would spin me around and set me off in another direction.

Some events involved letting go of old things.  Due to Dad’s failing health, we had to find a new, safe place for him to live.  This meant packing up his house, sorting through what he could use and wanted to keep and then deciding what to do with the rest.  Doing this was definitely a trip down memory lane and an incredible task.  I decided then that I did not want my children to have to go through my clutter and once I got back home started to look at everything with new eyes.  As a result, we are already living simpler, getting rid of excess things we don’t need or want.   We almost bought a new, smaller home and had this one up for sale and then changed our minds, decided we weren’t quite ready.  Maybe this year.

Other events helped us look to the future.  Our 7th grandchild was born in 2007.   I helped to start a new guild.  Many new friends were made.   There were many Blessings.

What I learned in 2007 was to allow myself to go along whatever path I’m led to and enjoy it or at least make the best of it.

Now here we are  in 2008.   We are already in the middle of a home project.  There are plans for retirement at the end of the year and I hope we find a ‘project’  home.

The guild is up and running and we will be having our first Rock Day event on Saturday!

My goal this year is to spend my time on things that matter most to me, family, friends, home.   And to give myself permission to explore those unexpected turns in the roads.

Happy New Year to Everyone!