When I was a little girl I was sometimes sent to stay with relatives in Brooklyn for a while in the summer.   Dad always worked for a railroad company and that meant a free train ride to NYC and Grand Central Station.  

Sometimes upon arriving or leaving to go home, I’d have a little bit of a wait.  I would pick a spot where I could watch all the people coming and going.  I’d watch the tearful farewells, the joyous reunions, and occasionally the brief visits.  Everyone had somewhere to go, things to do and it all seemed to get done regardless of how fast or slow a person went.

During the Christmas season, my home at times reminds me of  that time in Grand Central Station. Friends and Family come often and then leave for their homes or on to other holiday activities.  Some come for a visit and a meal, others just long enough to drop off  a gift or special treat.  Its been a busy time so far… but a good busy…

We don’t decorate as much as we did in the past, just put out what we like best.   I found the perfect spot for my nativity set, safe from the toddlers and pets in the family.  I really like this set because the dolls look like children in a play, memories of when the kids were little.  Here it is on top of Mom’s china cabinet. 

When I first brought this cabinet home I put some of mom’s china in it.  But, I don’t use most of it.  While I was decorating for Christmas, I packed up some of those things and began filling the cabinet with special things… Mom’s Spanish Bible… baby shoes… teddy bears or dolls I’ve made… mementos.. wedding flowers… a childhood piggy bank and more… little treasures, at least to me.  

Aside from the Christmas tree, which I didn’t have to do this year, the only other decorating we did was a wire tree on the table and the village buildings in our large cupboard.  Setting up the houses is enjoyable.  Packing up the dishes to do this is not so enjoyable.  Since we don’t really use the dishes usually displayed on there, I may just leave the buildings up for a while. 

On Christmas Eve,  a friend and I went to Mount Saviour Monastery .  Although I’ve been to their regular services, this was the first time on Christmas Eve.  It was just what I’d hoped it would be… simple, beautiful.  The service wasn’t very long, ending with everyone going downstairs for the blessing of the creche. After the blessing, everyone sang Silent Night.  It was too dark to be able to see any of the sheep or buildings on the property, so I’ll have to take my friend back during the day, but we did visit the gift shop briefly to see what was new.  I noticed a few new paintings. hmmm…    

Christmas Day found us with a dining table so full of goodies, gifts from friends that we served and ate buffet style.  ;o)   Oh, and I taught granddaughter Jessica how to knit. She is 7 years old and about the age when I first learned to crochet. 

Hubby has been on vacation and itching to start pulling down the kitchen cupboards.  He promised to wait till after Christmas and he did.   Very early on the day after Christmas he started working on the cabinets. 

Now I am gearing up for the New Year and the guild’s Rock/Distaff Day on January 5th. This is our first Rock Day and I’m pretty much the person in charge and also one of the vendors.  This will certainly be interesting.