That is the nickname my friend Lynn gave me when I did a ‘slipped on a banana skin’  type spill on the stairs a couple of months ago.   At the time I was carrying something in my hands and didn’t see a dog toy on the stairs.  I was pretty bruised from that fall but didn’t do any major damage that I know of..  Of course it didn’t help my already injured shoulder.

I did it again a couple of days ago.  This time I looked before I went down the stairs but didn’t see the dog toy.  And again was carrying something so I didn’t catch myself in time.  I did manage to break my fall rather than tumble..  resulting in little bruising but an aching back and neck…  I suspect I’ll live…

Curious as to the number of dog toys we have in the house I went around counting them.  I found some in the den, some under the dining room table, a couple by the window seat, some on the living room, a couple on the stairs landing, more in my studio …..  a total of 31 dog toys in all.   This does not include toys in a toy box that have been given as gifts or for very young pups, but not suitable for my guys or for supervised play.  And it does not include toys that I’ve recently tossed in the trash.    

As I counted, I picked up some of the toys and put them away, others I tossed in the trash, much to Yogi’s dismay.. he followed me around whining.   He is the one collecting the toys and leaving them on the stairs and yesterday he quickly learned that toys left on the stairs disappear.  By the end of the day he had his two remaining toys tucked in his bed.  Of course Yogi does not shop for his own toys… TM (the man) is his toy pusher..  I had a talk with TM about the number of toys we have. 

Yogi a few years back in a particularly short cut that left him shivering, thus the sweater.  That sweater lasted about an hour on him before he found a way to take it off.  Due to all the eye trauma as a puppy, toys are a sort of pacifier for him. 

And here is Yogi’s favorite place to hang out… the landing on the stairs to my studio… the floor is cool and he can prop himself up against the wall to sleep in his preferred position.. on his back.  Poor old fellow is just going to have to learn to sleep without a woobie..