Yesterday we woke to find  everything covered in snow making it look like Christmas rather than fall, just days before Thanksgiving.  

As can be seen in some of the photos, many of the trees and shrubs were still covered with leaves.  The very wet and heavy snow on the leaves brought some limbs (not ours) to the breaking point, while the limbs on some trees were bent so low that it seemed you could touch them while walking or driving near them.    I drove through one such street  in the morning and it was a bit scary driving under trees and power limbs so low.   By the time I returned home around noon, most of the snow has fallen from the trees and melting.  It was very pretty while it lasted.

 From my front porch,  I love the contrast of fall colors and the snow.

Close up…  Those are the same shrubs seen in the photo of Krystal as a pup.  They were practically stick when we planted them and they have really gotten quite large over the years, always give us great color in fall.

From the porch looking the other way…  If you look closely you can see the headlights of a car belonging to an emergency crew working on power or cable lines down the street.  As I was taking the photo I could hear cracking and popping, the sound of  tree limbs giving way under the weight of snow.  After I took the photo I noticed that all the trees looked out of proportion, narrow because of the drooping branches..

The  River Birch has dropped most of its leaves, but the pink/grey peeling bark makes it a nice tree for winter interest.  Covered in snow, it blended in with all the other trees. It is amazing to see how far the younger limbs on this tree can bend. 

Today… all the snow is gone and it is rainy…  yuck!