I got word Friday evening that some of my fibers were ready to be picked up.  Since it was a long weekend, on Saturday morning we took off for the 3 hour drive to pick up what was ready, leaving the rest to be picked up another day.  

The weather was pretty gloomy and as we passed from one town to another we could see snow on the tree tops in some areas, it rained in other areas and was sunny in others, very typical when you live in hills and valleys.   It is interesting to see that there was still a lot of bright fall color on some trees as we got to the southern part of PA, of course I forgot to take my camera.

The drive was thankfully uneventful, we stayed at the mill for a little while, then ate lunch at a nice restaurant and than headed home with 10 large bags of fibers.    Two bags belonged to a friend,  one of my bags was a long wool that I never got around to washing this summer and that will be used for dyeing and blends, another was a beautiful charcoal Corridale/Romney that I washed last year and that wants to be something special, I’ll be keeping some of that for myself.  Another is a white Romney, the whitest wool I’ve ever seen. 

The last 5 bags were blends of fibers I’ve had ready to card for almost a year now.   I finally faced the fact my shoulder had not healed enough for me to catch up with blending projects and so off they went to the mill.   They were blended perfectly and my sample skeins from the blends are just what I hoped for. 

I’ve listed the blends on my studio blog, will be adding some naturally colored fibers as well.  Once I’ve got my studio blog updated I’ll be working on hand painted silk projects. 

While I miss nice summer weather and puttering in the garden, I’m glad to finally have some studio time again.