What is it, care to guess?

More on that in a bit…. 

A friend is due to have surgery soon and will be in the hospital for her birthday.  Since her favorite color is green and I thought she could use a big hug while recovering, I wove this shawl for her birthday.  This friend stopped by and saw the shawl in progress but had no idea it was for her.  When I mentioned I was going to use a crocheted edge instead of fringe, she suggested a scalloped edge, something she likes a lot.   I hope she likes the way it turned out.

As soon as I’d pulled the shawl off the loom, I started a new one.  I like the way it is turning out, but as these are not my colors.  Once it is done it will be sold or given as a gift. It is all handspun, hand dyed Corriedale wool.

 A close up shot…

Back to the first photo…   it was taken when I went to visit my friend Sue.  I stopped by to check on her shawl weaving progress, her first woven shawl. 

Here are some more taken when I went to visit her … a little blurry because they were taken with my camera phone.. the views from her garden and windows are wonderful!

If you would like to see photos of Sue’s shawl in various stages,  visit the Chemung Valley Guild blog, link is in the sidebar…