Our unusual weather continues, cold one day, hot another.. we’ve yet to have a hard frost.  I noticed a few confused plants such as tiny bleeding hearts that think it is spring.  We are already today in the 70’s….

A common chore here in fall is the digging up of dahlia tubers. In past years I’ve had many, but an early frost in a previous year caught me off guard and I lost most of them.  I only have a few now and so it takes little time to dig them up. 

This morning I checked some of them to see how they were doing and noticed the bees.  It had gotten cold last night and the sun hadn’t cut through the fog to warm things up yet, so the bees weren’t moving at all.  Looking closer I could see more bees between the petals, all tucked away.  I’m going to wait a little bit longer to dig up the tubers.

Not much fall color yet.. some trees are dropping their leaves without first changing  color… hmmmmmmm!