Normally when I see the word weathered I think of weathered fences or other wood structures.  While poking around my garden, that word popped into my head… weathered.  But, I wasn’t looking at anything made of wood.. I was looking at my garden beds.  

The last few months have brought extremes in temperatures, too cold, too hold, too dry, too wet, from one extreme quickly to another.  For instance, two days ago, it was about 30 degrees warmer than today.  I’d been working on staining some cabinets in the garage and two days ago the weather was so warm and humid, the stain wouldn’t dry.  Today it was cool and with the wind, it felt too chilly to do anything but stay indoors.  

Here is a photo of my Hatsu Arashi Morning Glories.  I’ve been growing them for years and I can usually count on them to cover a fence and bloom right till frost.  This is how they normally look.

With the cold nights and unseasonably hot days, they have struggled to survive.  If they have enough water on them and the sun warms them up too quickly, this is how they look. 

Much of my garden looks the same,weathered & weary.  But, they will come back next year.  Now it is time for  summer plants to rest… time for the trees and shrubs to show off their beautiful fall colors!