Recently several of us from the newly formed Chemung Valley Handspinners & Fiber Arts Guild traveled a short distance to the Wool Day at the fair.  We all live so close to the PA border that we thought we’d check out fairs and make some contacts in that direction. 

We found that this fair is not as big as some are we are used to.  But, much to our delight it is a fair with a lot of agricultural content.  We were able to visit all the 4H displays, view the many, many items entered in the fair competitions in many categories and sample some food.  

Where we spent the most time was checking out the animals, particularly rabbits (think angora fiber) sheep and goats, all animals that produce fiber… and… visiting vendors selling fleeces, roving and fiber related items.  There were only a handful of vendors there, but enough for anyone to find something they could use.  I was very pleased with the quality of fibers available. 

We made some good contacts, places to buy fleeces or process them, etc.   And we did get to ask a lot of questions of people there in hopes that we can pull off a Wool Day or something similar at our own local fair, encourage people to enter their fiber related items. 

Some photos I took at the fair…

  This man and his team caught my eye.  He looked so gruff and talked about how he trains his animals and how one has to be firm with them and so one.  But, I had to smile when I saw that his team wore a heart design, the first clue that the man is really gentle with his animals.  

  Some of the fiber vendors ….

   This character made me laugh.  At first all I noticed was a movement out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned there was nothing there except stacked hay.  Then I saw the goat poke his head through the center of the hay bale, through the side of the stall, check out the people going by and then proceed to munch on the hay..  very cute. 


All in all a fun day.   We hope to visit more fairs to see how they are set up and hopefully next year or the next we’ll have something interesting going at the local fair.

For those who are wondering or have asked.   We (Chemung Valley Handspinners & Fiber Arts Guild) are still waiting to hear from the Big Flats Historical Society in regards to our meeting at the Museum.  We are hoping they will come through for us and allow us to meet there.  If not, we will have to continue looking for a place to meet one Saturday a month.