Flowery Friday…

I was going to post photos of this and other plants in my garden blog, but we are in the process of putting our house up for sale and I’m debating what to do with all my plants.  If I end up not being able to take a lot with me, I’m not sure I want to see photos of everything I’ve left behind, it may be a bit painful…

The flower in the photo is the single bloom on a hydrangea that my husband purchased several years ago as an Easter plant.  While I know many plants that are forced into bloom don’t always survive easily, I always try planting them in the garden to see if they will thrive. 

This particular plant has not done well,  would grow less than a foot and then die back.  I’m not one to baby plants, they either thrive or they eventually die or find new homes and are eliminated from the garden, but this one did neither. Finally, I gave up, pulled it out and temporarily placed it near the River Birch simply cause I wanted to give it another chance.   Occasionally, I’d throw some discarded coffee grinds in that area.

I noticed about a month ago, that as usual the plant was about a foot tall, then a few weeks ago, I could see that it was actually going to have at least one bloom.  On Monday I took this photo.

Yesterday I took this photo ….. The color is stunning!  It seems to love the rather unkempt area under that birch.   I’m adding this to my list of plants that I’ll consider taking if we move.

As for selling our home.  We hadn’t planned to sell our home till next year.  But, we found a simple ranch we like. It is smaller than this house, but easy to care for, less time consuming and gardening area that is pretty much a blank canvas.  However, the purchase of that house is contingent to a quick sale of this one.  Rather than stress over selling and moving, I’m just handing it over to God. I’m ok if we move or stay, after all, a home is more than just a house. But, it seems most friends and family are all hoping we don’t sell the house, because they all love this house,  I find it very interesting and rather amusing.