That refrigerator that died last week and caused me a bit of work and stress, moving or giving away food. 

Well… its not dead. 

We contacted a used appliance store that will pick up fridges that look good, repair them and then sell them at a very good price.  The lady that Ruben spoke to asked if we had tried turning off the fridge for a day or so, letting it sit and then turning it on.  Are we the only ones that have never heard you should try this?  So, we did and of course it was roaring along rather nicely, cooling just fine.  

If Mom were still alive, she would laugh and say …  A Dios No Le Gusta Feo …  which means…  God Doesn’t Like Ugly.

I have complained about the noise that fridge makes, I could hear it a floor above or below.  And while I like listening to music and such, I also like quiet, very much dislike the constant sound of a loud motor running.  To me, it is the same as having a TV going all day.  Of course, whenever I complained,  I would stop and think that I should be grateful for a fridge that works. 

That is the ugly part.  Mom would have told me that I should be on my hands and knees Thanking God for providing us with the means to have things that other people would love to have. To be ungrateful is ugly.  

So, now we have two fridges.  The one inside hums and the other, in the garage for now, still roars and there is no guarantee that it  won’t continue to have problems.  We haven’t decided what to do with it.   Every time I stop and think that we could have used that money for needed home repairs, I remind myself that I got exactly what I asked for. 

The 3 days I spent running around dealing with moving food and finding a new fridge were days I’d really needed to catch up on studio work and customer orders, orders that I’m just now, a week later, working on. 

Reminder to myself:  Don’t be Ugly