Actually my birthday isn’t till later in the month. However, not one to wait till the last moment, I already have my birthday gift, a green IPOD.

  I’m not one to buy a lot of gadgets and so this is a bit of a splurge for me.  But, I listen to music … a lot!  I listen to music while working, relaxing and in the car.  I find myself constantly rotating my favorite cds from the house, studio and car.  The IPOD allows me to load them and then dock it into the base where I am, or listen to it using the headset, only one little thing to carry with me instead of multple CDs.

Another reason I wanted one was so that I could subscribe to devotional, fiber related and other podcasts and listen to audiobooks.  I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy listening to music, but often I forget to take a book with me when I’m out and about and if I have to sit and wait somewhere for long and there isn’t something decent to read, I get twitchy. *G*

So far, I like it…  I’ve got a variety of English and Spanish music loaded, classic, jazz, opera, salsa and more.   

BUT …..  while I can easily load music to the my pod, I have been unable to load any podcasts… I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  And I don’t have a lot of time to spend on playing around with this, there is house painting, garden work and grandchildren to play with in what little free time I have.   Any tips on how to load podcasts would be appreciated.  Otherwise it will have to wait till gardening season is over and I have a bit more free time to figure it out.

Oh.. and any podcast suggestions would be appreciated.