The Big Flats Historical Museum held its open house today.  I was asked if I would do a spinning demonstration and a few other spinners agreed to go with me.  As a ‘thank you’ we were treated to a lunch of roasted pig with all the trimmings… yum! I don’t know how many people toured the museum but there seemed to be a steady stream of people all day.

This building does not look like a traditional museum.  But then when you step inside, you see that it is much larger than it looks and that a lot of work has gone into making it such an interesting place. 

Here are a few of the photos from today.

 Sue had already left when this photo was taken.  I’m on the left with my Ashford Elizabeth. Mary in the middle is trying some cotton on my Great Wheel.  Autumn (who is 11) is spinning wool on her Ashford Traditional. 

 This young lady is delightful, learns quickly and happily shares what she knows.  Her Mom is sitting behind her in the photo.

 There was a quilting demo going on in another room.  Look closely at the middle of the photo and you will see a treadmill. The dog on it is not real, but it was meant to be powered by dogs, goats or sheep.  At the back of it is a butter churn.  My residents often told me about using animals on treadmills  in their farms. but this is the first one I’d ever seen.     So… for all of you who have dogs, sheep, or goats…. or even kids with too much energy….   what do you think?

 A beehive found in the area… huge!  Near it there is a display of paintings done on cobwebs, but my camera was out in the car by the time I saw it.

 A lot of things found in local homes..

 From the School Room looking into the Farm Tools room.  There is an interesting shovel with 5 handles in that room.

 In another room there are some display cases for smaller tools. I’d seen this on a previous visit and it leads me to believe that flax was grown and processed in that area.  I took some flax with me today to show what it looks like before spinning.

 More of the same room …

 Old photos and the quilt being raffled off.

I enjoyed myself and hope to be invited back next year…..