Once again, I’ve fallen behind on blogging and am getting nudges from friends and family wondering if I’m ok.   I’m fine, just busy.  I did a quick update on my garden blog and studio blog and now a quick one here. 

Today is the first day of summer and the good news is that I have been pretty much allergy symptom free so far.  This is a far cry from a couple of summers ago when I was on 6 different medication to control my allergies and asthma. Thank God I did so well this spring. 

So, what have I been up to?  Moving…   not moving my household… but helping with packing up Dad’s home so he could move into his new apartment.   And clearing out the 3rd bay of our garage so I could have a summer place for studio work. 

With Dad, there was great concern over his living alone in such a large house that needs a lot of upkeep.  It was a lot of work to get things packed and its not all done yet.  I had to leave before it was finished and so other family members are doing that last bit.  The important thing is that Dad is safe and likes his new place.

I took another trip out of town to visit Dad and that same weekend went to an Art Festival, walked more than 5 hours and only saw a little bit of what the vendors had to offer.  One really needs an entire day to see it all.   

So.. what did I buy?  I passed up a pair of earrings. I liked them but wasn’t sure and decided to come back and see if they were still there on the way out if I didn’t find something I liked better.  I ended up with no earrings, should have grabbed them when I had a chance. 

I picked up a french rolling pin in an exotic wood.  I’ve been wanting one for a while, but it may be some time before I try it, with it not being baking season. 

I picked up a small birdbath, mainly cause it was cute.  After I put it in the garden I stepped back and thought… it is too small.  I’ve yet to see a bird use it. Why would they when there is a wider birdbath and even better, two large pots filled with water plants.  There the birds not only get a drink, they devour the water plants… story for another day.


And I picked up a bug …  It hangs on the screen door to the new workshop/studio…


Most of the other things I liked were too big to fit in the car with several adults and a baby, but I picked up business cards for places close enough to home for things to be picked up or shipped. 

While there was much to see there, what impressed me the most was some hand stitched artwork.  The detail in each piece was just amazing.  Most of the people looking thought they were looking at paintings and then when they would realize what they were looking at, their mouths would fall open in astonishment.  I was one of those.  The work was exquisite!  I need to save my pennies for one of their pieces next year.   You can see some of the things at this website, but it doesn’t show just how gorgeous these are with the minute stitches.  Sea Gallery

As for my new workspace, I really like it a lot.  We removed all the stuff that had been stored in there.  Then we set up some shelves and workspaces.  It is very easy for me to just bring whatever I need from my studio and work in there.   An overhead door at the back opens to a small patio facing the kitchen garden.  When the door is open a fixed screen remains in place.  On the side there is a window and a door which opens to a large patio near a parking area. Here I work on projects or workshops in the shade.  There is another overhead door on the front but until a screen is fixed in place it stays closed most of the time.  The last thing I need is critters or bugs getting in.   

Garden work continues and takes up a lot of my time at the moment… I don’t mind.  But as the bigger chores are completed, I’m finding time for other things like studio work.

Yogi, our oldest Lhasa, who is a one eyed dog has another eye infection and the gland has prolapsed again. And he seems to be having some other problem. I’m praying its not bladder stones.  He’s on medication for everything, we shall see. At the moment the eye problem is of most concern as he only has one eye.

Gizzy, out other Lhasa also has an eye infection, but this seems to happen yearly during high pollen season. So far, not a problem.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be doing a spinning demo at the Big Flats Historical Museum open house.  I’ll be taking my Great Wheel and my smaller wheel.  Taking the Great Wheel any place is a challenge because of how big it is. The drive wheel alone is about 39 “inches wide.   It will be taken apart and transported in a pick up.  I’ll be taking my camera.   

Lots more to share, but it will have to wait for the next post…..