I signed granddaughter Jessica up to play ball this year, thought she would enjoy being on a team, learning some new skills.   She’s only had a couple of practice sessions and hasn’t played ball otherwise, but she’s doing really well and most importantly having a great time.  

Yesterday was the first game and  I took a few photos.

Here she is on first base,  waiting for the game to start.   Most of the girls have no clue what they are doing so it is all very comical.  Their shirts are too big, socks too long, but they don’t care.  Jessica tagged out two players without realizing what she was doing, simply did what I along with the other parents and grandparents were screaming for her to do.  


Here she is trying to bat off a tee, later the coach threw the ball to them so they could learn to bat both ways.   After I snapped this photo, I realized she was holding the bat wrong, called out to the coach that Jessica was left handed.  Jess looked up at me and gave that exact same look my kids would give me when they were little and playing sports… ‘MOM, you’re embarrassing me!’… hee hee.    But, when the coach said “thanks for reminding me”, she smiled and got down to business, smacked that ball.  The next time up, she reminded the coach that she was left handed and held the bat properly.  I can see her becoming a little more confident and poised with each practice.

Running into home base ….. Yay!  Since she’s wearing her jacket, I think this photo was taken the first time she was up.. the photo of her batting was of her batting the second time. 

The parents on our team are all great sports, cheer all the girls on without being too aggresive or taking it all too seriously.  The biggest challenge to all is remembering all the girls names.  Everyone knows Jessica, she is the only dark skinned, dark haired girl on the team, easy to remember and so everyone cheers for her by name and when they do, she smiles a great big smile!  Is there a better way to spend a Saturday morning?

In case you are wondering… no one won the game… no score is kept at this level. The girls are meant to have fun, learn the sport, make friends.