Here are a few photos of Connor helping me in the garden on Thursdays.  He discovered flowers, first noticing the dandelions.  I tried to show him the proper way to pick a flower so that it would have a stem, but he was more interested in sniffing it and then thought about tasting it. Since I do have things in the garden that can’t be eaten, I discouraged him from tasting and so he just carried them around, proud of himself, looking for more things to pluck.. yikes..  By the time mommy came to pick him up, he had a very sad looking flower that Mommy was delighted to get..   He  learned the word flower, bee (he tired to catch a bumble bee) and that a bee says.. bzzzzz….       Check out his outfit… love the safari hat which has snaps to pull up one side or the other.

Another grandbaby who is a good helper…  Catalina, just a month younger than her cousin Connor.  I was talking to my son on the phone the other day and Catalina was holding the phone and then decided to run off with it.   My son emailed me these photos of her just yesterday….  I get to see Catalina soon..   While Connor is very fair, blue eyes and curly hair, Catalina looks a lot like her dad, big dark eyes, dark hair… a real sweetie who loves her dolly.   She is all girly with her cute jeans with ruffles,  Dora sneakers and Dora doll.  I wish she lived closer….