I visit the library weekly, to return books and pick up new ones.   

Often when I am there I see groups of people playing chess or checkers at some of the tables.  What is so interesting about these people as that they don’t seem to be related to each other in any way. Some are very young children, some are very old adults, every race and color imaginable.  I particularly like to watch the very old play with the very young, both players deep in thought.  Occasionally an adult will be quietly coaching a younger player, talking in a whisper so as not to distract another player. 

A little further down is a  giant game of chess set up.   This seems to be a favorite for family with young children, too antsy to sit at a table for long.  Some of the pieces are larger than the very young children and so they love pushing them around.  I often stop and watch from the second floor which overlooks this area.   I took this photo with my phone’s camera so it is  blurry, but you get the idea.  This day a Dad and his daughter were playing with Mom helping the child who appeared to be 8 or 9 years old, not that it appeared she needed much help.