For some time I have been suffering from ‘second sock syndrome’.  Those of you who are sock knitters are probably very familiar with this problem. 

I have always knit my socks on double point needles, but after having to replace needles countless times due to breakage, pets using them as toothpicks, or losing them, and since I needed some size 1 circulars for another project, I decided to try using 2 circulars to knit 2 socks at the same time.

I hadn’t tried this before and didn’t have instructions for doing 2 socks at the same time, but I understood the concept.  Or so I thought.   You cast on your stitches and then divide, placing half the stitches on each of the needles.   Right?

I cast on for the first sock and then cast on for the second one, realized it was a little more complicated when adding the second sock.  It was close to 9pm and rather than leave it for another day and determined to start the first couple of rows of my socks, I cast on the stitches unto a straight needle and then moved the stitches onto the 2 circulars.  For my next pair, I’ll take the time to figure out how to cast on and divide for 2 socks, but for now, this worked.

My progress so far.  I find it an easy way to knit socks and the only problem so far was when I was chatting and knitting and forgot to switch yarns, knitting the socks together. 

I realized after taking the photo, that it might be a bit confusing.  The socks are on top of a curio table with handmade Easter eggs under the glass and with a little lamb keeping an eye on things.