We don’t approve of kids watching much television, we also don’t approve of kids being on-line.  Little kids need to run, play and use their imagination.

But there a couple of programs we do let grandson Connor watch, Back Yardigans and The Wonderpets. 

The animals in Back Yardigans go on imaginary adventures in their backyards.  Connor’s favorite is when they pretend to be pirates.  And he loves that they sing and dance throughout the story.. very cute and surely gets the imagination going.  

The wonderpets live in a classroom/daycare and after school is out they band together to save animals in trouble.   They talk a lot about each animal, where it lives, etc. but the point of the whole thing is that although the wonder pets aren’t too big, or too tough, when they work together, they’ve got just the right stuff. 

Lately Connor has been napping through the time when these two programs come on tv.  So, Grampa looked on-line and found that they show the segments online on Nogin.   It’s funny to see Connor sitting and giggling, singing or moving in rhythm to the video clips.  Here he is enjoying one of the programs.