For dinner today we are having shrimp scampi, which I like a lot.  But, I like it even more if roasted peppers are thrown in.  

I had more than I needed for dinner and usually I’ll slice extras into strips to toss on salads, use for stir fry or freeze for later use.  Today I roasted them all, very easy to do… normally. 

A tip …   don’t use tiny peppers.   Most of the peppers I had were little hot pepper shaped peppers.  And they were 3 times the work of large peppers.  I’ve done lots of large ones, never tiny ones and I doubt I’ll do them again.

 Another tip … after the skin on peppers are blistered on all sides, set them to cool covered with plastic wrap. They will sweat and the skin will slip off.  

As usual, I was doing 3 things at a time and simply pulled them out and set them to cool, uncovered… duh!  

Not only did I forget the wrap,  I let a couple of little peppers suffer a horrible death, burnt beyond saving. 

What survived is yummy, cut into strips and drizzled with a little olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, salt and fresh ground pepper.  I have enough to use for dinner and extra for the weekend!    If I remember to take a photo of the finished peppers, I’ll post it.


Adding to my post…  I’m forgetting everything today! 

The oregano I used for the peppers is from a friend… all the dried herbs in this basket are from her garden.  Vicki is a master gardener and so I’m thrilled to have met her and become friends.  I’m teaching Vicki how to spin for chiengora yarn and she’s been very generous with good advice and things from her garden..   There is  Thyme, Lemon Thyme,  Taragon, Parsley, Mint, Rosemary, Sage, Black Mint, Oregano, Hot Oregano, Bay Leaves, Chives, Mint,  Basil, Horseradish and even Stevia.  Some of these are old favorites, some I’ve never tried.  

I suspect we will be sitting and spinning in the garden this summer, while eating something wonderful.

Although…. I need to do less eating and more gardening… I’ve gain a bit of weight since last summer… things are getting a little tight around the waist!