The knitting group that was meeting at the coffee bar/bookstore moved to a library when the book store closed.  The music store next door expanded into that space but kept the coffee bar and added a permanent stage. 

We’ve started meeting there again.  Today anyone who arrived with the Monday blahs was soon tapping their toes and knitting needles to the sound of popular songs and oldies but goodies.   

I took a few photos with my camera phone.. they are a little bit blurry.. sorry! 

Here is a photo of  one of the walls around the area where we sit, there are also pianos, racks of sheet music, diner booths etc. 


The group jamming across the store … notice there is plenty of space for dancing or to pull up chairs. 

The coffee and snack bar with some of the knitters at the tables…


Knitting, spinning, chatting, toe tapping music, gourmet coffee and snacks… a sure cure for the Monday blahs.