I’ve had several phone calls and emails asking if I’m OK.   I’m busy but also trying not stress my shoulder too much and along with other things, I’m not spending as much time online or typing.  When I do log on, the first things I do is check to see if there is news about Dale, a friend in ICU  after a bone marrow transplant that she seemed to doing well with.  She’s been in my prayers constantly, along with others in need.   I know it is in God’s hands, but ‘m hoping Dale will recover and soon be sharing butterfly and flower updates with us.

What else.. well I was certainly looking forward to springing forward this year.  The dogs seem to be on the daylight savings schedule and had slowly worked themselves up to getting up an hour earlier.  So now they are back to getting up at 6am.  

Here is a recent photo taken recently.   I’d been missing the sunrises and caught this before the sun was up enough to brighten the day.    As I looked at the photo I wondered, where did those street lights come from? Have they been there all these years in the neighborhood behind us?  And on this day, the bright pinks and oranges seen best in winter were absent altogether.  Obviously I didn’t have my camera settings right cause the photo look a bit weird.

I finished a Simply Divine Shawl for a knitting class project.  Photo on my studio blog. 

I’ve made some progress on my KAL wrap.. photo on the KAL blog.

The shawl on the loom is about half way done.  I’m unable to do much work on it because of my shoulder, but I’m getting some help with it.  Mary N & Sue W. have been coming over to work on it.  Without plannning it, we have  pattern emerging.  I hope the recipient likes the shawl.   

Sue W.  brought this Irish Soda Bread when she came  over on Wednesday to work on the shawl.. As you can see by how much is missing, it is very good!   

And today… today was one of those days when you think you imagined the 60 degree weather of the past few days.  Yesterday I was pulling out, cleaning and putting up bird houses and today I was driving through sleet, rain, slow, slush… yuck.   I took grandson Connor to a Dr appointment and all along the highway I saw signs of roads closed due to flooding and rivers, creeks and streams above flood stage.   The rain and run off from the snow melting on the hills, along with ice jams in the river are making for lots of flooding in low lying areas..

Spring isn’t quite here yet, but it’s coming!