Some photos from the Friday morning knitting group which has more going on than just knitting.

I took this wheel loaned to me by a sweet friend, Denise.  It is a Majacraft Gem and I am going to have to return it soon before I grow too attached to it.  I really, really like this wheel, how easy it is to transport, the little space it takes up in my car and how it spins. I’m spinning angora on it at the moment and will be spinning some thicker yarn before sending home.    This wheel has moved to the top of my wish list, gotta save my pennies.


Here is Mary, well actually Mary’s feet, as she uses a kick spindle. I’ve been teaching her about spinning and anything fiber related and she’s a quick learner.   I loaned her the kick spindle so she could try it and I’m impressed at how good she is with it after just a few days.  I have had this kick spindle for several years and have never been able to use it as a proper kick spindle, only as a supported table top spindle.  I am just amazed at how quickly and easily Mary is learning how to work with spindles and wheels … definitely a gift!  Check out how thin her yarn is!  

Kick Spindle  

And Vicki is learning how to blend dog hair with wool for a chiengora blend.  Here she is blending Bedlington Terrier hair with Shetland Wool. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Bedlinton Terrier is one breed I’ve yet to try for chiengora yarn.

We actually do some knitting in this group…   Sandy has made progress on her scarf. I posted a photos of it one the Princess Wrap KAL blog.