Yesterday the spinning group was scheduled to meet at my house, but my day started spinning long before that.  

Softball sign-up was at 10am and I’d promised to take granddaughter Jessica to sign up.  That meant running around and getting things done before leaving so that I would be ready for the spinners when they came.  It’s a good thing I didn’t leave things till the last minute since Jessica wasn’t ready when I went to pick her up and then we ended up having to wait a while, then fill out a bunch of forms before we could go back home. 

I get home in time to find that one of the dogs had been very sick while I was gone… ugh… nothing like having a bunch of people coming and a mini emergency at the last moment.

By the time my out-of-town guests arrived (Hi Lynn & Sally!) I hadn’t even started lunch. So, they got to help me make Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas.   Not a common combination of food, but it is absolutely delicious. 

Normally out of town visitors come a little early and so they sometimes end up having lunch with me.  This time I was running so late that the spinners who started arriving at 1pm, got to try some of the Enchiladas.  And since the spinners often with goodies, we had cookies, fruit & dip, chocolate cupcakes and coffee for dessert. 

Eventually we got around to fibery things.  An order for alpaca yarn came in (photo on my studio blog) and so Mary and Sue got to try their hand at using a swift and jumbo ball winder.   Vicki learned to use the hand cards for blending chiengora yarn.  And several got to try their hand at weaving a shawl on the triloom.   The photos show the loom upside as we got started cause I misplace the clamps that hold it upright.  And then later I was able to flip it back up so that the rest of the weaving can be done upright. 

These ladies are so much fun and make me laugh so much that by the time they left, my stressful morning was forgotten.   And as I said goodbye to Lynn and Sally, who stayed a bit later than everyone else, this is what I saw.


Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!