I’ve been getting quite a few emails and phone calls asking how Yogi is doing with the prolapsed gland in his eye, so here is an update.

The antibiotic treatment he was on didn’t have the desired effect of shrinking the gland so it would go back down on it’s own.   So, back to the clinic he went with Ruben, probably the first time ever that Ruben has taken a dog to an appointment without me.  I think I was more nervous than they were. 

At the clinic they checked again for damage to the cornea, numbed the eye area and then did an in-office procedure where they were somehow able to flip and tuck the gland down where it belongs behind the bottom lid.  Sorry if this is more info than you wanted to know.  *G* 

Amazingly, it worked!  Two days later,  it still looks great.  Here is a photo taken this morning. 

  I’m holding my breath and praying that this holds permanently.  If not, and it happens again, we will have to choose between leaving it alone and deal with dry eye or take a trip to Cornell U. and have the gland tacked down.   Surgery is the last thing anyone wants for Yogi.  He still bears emotional scars from all the surgeries as a puppy and doesn’t do well away from home or when other dogs are barking or distressed.

The real miracle in all of this is how good he has been, letting the Vet and others touch his eye without falling apart or growling.   For more than 10 years he’s been a one eyed dog and dealing with his fears has been a trial.  I’m thrilled that he is coping so well with this.