What do you see when you look at this photo? 

Looks comfortable and it is.  It’s where I like to sit and knit or read.   Mom’s cabinet is close by always reminding me of family dinners and all the little ‘memories’ she stored in there.  Now I’m storing memories in there.   And I really like that old wood and brass lamp that we found in a estate sale for $5. 00.  That it is a little worn, adds a little character. 

But in this corner, somewhere, is a black hole.  Last night I set down my knitting to let dogs out and get them settled for the night.  When I picked up my knitting, a jewelry quality stitch marker was gone.  I checked between the cushions, down the side of the couch, down the back of the couch and then crawled on the floor looking around and under everything. 

Gone! Once again, I’ve lost another stitch marker to the black hole in my house. It has gone wherever numerous other stitch markers, double point needles and other small items have gone to, never to be found again.