A new grandson!  His name is Jacob, frowning as he has gotten a hold of his clothes and pulling them open.  Three days old in the photo and already getting into trouble.  *G*   

Jacob 3 days

We now have 4 grandsons,  Joseph, Marcelous, Connor, and Jacob.

We also have 3 granddaughters, Jessica, Justine, Catalina.  We need another granddaughter to even up the numbers… (hint for Tina and Joel)

I couldn’t take a photo of Jacob without taking one of Jessica who is 6 years old and getting prettier every day. 

Jessica 6 years

And while uploading the photos, I found a photo that Tina and Joel haven’t seen of 19 month old Connor when he was here recently.  He was having a snack while singing along to Sesame Street, wearing the slippers grampa bought for him, the sweater I made him and in the little rocking chair that he likes so much. 

Connor 19months