The mailman delivered a box yesterday and in it were some goodies from Cindy Y, who is my Life Overflowing partner.   She sent me a nice basket  with red accents and stenciled hearts.  Inside the basket was  a cup which will replace a favorite blue and white one I dropped and cracked a few days ago. Also a box that says Love is the Little Things We Do with candy inside. And  a box filled with double dipped mint treats, I couldn’t resist having some right away as I really like mint dipped in dark chocolate.  

Thank you Cindy, the heart theme was just perfect since my wedding anniversary is tomorrow!


And that wasn’t all the goodies from friends, sweet Lynn sent an anniversary card and a book, I love them both.

And another friend, Denise gave me a gift of another kind, she loaned me her folding spinning wheel so I could try it for a while.  She thought I should be sure I liked this type of wheel before I purchased one.   What a nice thing to do. Thank you Denise for trusting me with this little Gem..