No, not a vacuum for dogs or even one especially for dealing with dog hair, but a dog as a vacuum cleaner. 

I had a case of butter fingers while putting away a container of dog food and several pounds of the food shot out when it hit the floor.  When I picked up the container, I realized the amount of food missing in the container did not match the amount of food on the kitchen floor.  The food blends in with the floor but you can see it on the rug, doesn’t look like much.  The bottle on the floor is Yogi’s arthitis supplement which I keep in the container so I don’t forget to give it to him daily. 


Then I heard crunching.  I’d already put Krystal and Gizzy in the den to prevent the princes from beating Gizzy up in order to hog all the food herself.   So, I looked down the gated stairs to my studio and sure enough there was dog food down the stairs and Yogi looking up at me.  I’d already fed him, but I checked and he hadn’t eaten his food yet. 

I picked  up most of the food from the floor in the kitchen, down the stairs and side door hall, and in the living where it had also landed, and then let Yogi help me find whatever I missed. 

He took his job very seriously, cleaned it all up.  *G* Good dog!

doggy vacuum 

And in case you are wondering, Yogi’s eye looks a little better after a week on the eye-drops, less irritation and the prolapsed gland slides back in easily, but won’t yet stay in.  Hopefully another trip to the Vet can be avoided.