Valentines Day brought the first real snowstorm of this winter.  Picture postcard pretty, but it made for a bit of work.

View of our side yard.   In the middle of that space is a small weeping cherry tree with two bird feeders hanging from it.  We forgot to pick up more bird food and so they are pretty low.  The snow comes up to the bottom of the park bench under the river birch, so we can either shovel a path to the feeders (the cats would like that) or trudge through the snow to fill them.

Valentines day snow 1

I checked around and saw that the Holly and other shrubs still have berries and seeds for the birds to eat, so they do have food.     

Holly feb snow

And then there is this…  Look closing at the lamppost in my front yard.  I wrapped the slippery post with a rubber like fencing so that the clematis has something to grab on to.  The squirrels have decided I put this there just for them and are always storing food inside the light unit.  Right now there is a slice of bread in there. 


Snow in the back yard and dog yard to the right.   Note how high the snow from clearing the deck is.  A couple of years ago, my little stinkers discovered that if that snow gets high enough, they can just squeeze through the bars and slide down the hill to freedom.